Why it matters

Retailer Point of View

Shoppers Point of View

FoodBank Point of View

CSR programs build brand differentiation. A retailer can build brand loyalty through customer engagement with the initiative. They also experience increased good will due to high visibility of the initiative.

Increased sales. Customers purchase 2 products (one for themselves and one for the food bank).

Alleviating shopper guilt and empowering contributions to the neighbourhood through the choice of participation and purchase. 

Shoppers will better understand the needs of the of their local food bank and make informed purchasing decisions. 

They will no longer guess and donate unhealthy problematic items. 

Receiving increased levels of needed healthy food being shared with their clients. 

Receiving less donations of non-nutritious or problematic food. 

Getting the food they need means they can reallocate funds to health programs and poverty reduction strategies.