West End Food Coop Shoppers Are the Best!

September 10, 2017 Updates 0

Working for Full Bellies launched their pilot project in Westend Food Coop in August and will be running until Thanksgiving.

You have probably seen the labels and cards on products encouraging healthy food purchases for the Parkdale Community Food Bank. It’s a simple idea. The Parkdale Community Food Bank told us which healthy foods they never have enough of, we then labelled that food to encourage purchase through Working for Full Bellies ‘One for Me, One for You’ campaign. If you purchase a carton of eggs instore, that carton gets delivered directly to the Parkdale Community Food Bank and given to one of their members.

During our next Member day the Founder of Working for Full Bellies will be in-store to chat and answer any questions you may have about the initiative.

Because of the amazing community who shop at the Westend Food Coop the Parkdale Community Food Bank received their first ever oranges! Shoppers have purchased more than 9 cartons of eggs, 8 cartons of milk, 20 oranges, 13lbs of apples and 15lbs of potatoes.

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