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It started at a young age, as I became aware of the issues in the world I wanted to fix them. I chose to get a degree in advertising at OCADU because I saw advertising’s potential to influence the masses and create positive change. In my final year I realized changing the advertising industry was too big a battle. So, when I was visiting Yellowknife and I was offered a job in an ad agency that fit my ideals I jumped at it. In late 2011 the agency director announced he wanted to expand and build a firm in Whitehorse, and asked a few of us to go do it. Building the agency in Whitehorse solidified my desire to strike out on my own and build something. In 2014 I moved back to Ontario and enrolled in business school. The concept for Working for Full Bellies was a process that involved every step of this journey, and I am so grateful to share it with you.

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Westend Food Coop:

1229 Queen Street West,

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Westend Food Coop:

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Toronto, ON M6R 1A3

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