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August 13, 2017 Updates 0

My life has a theme:

“That’s a really good idea, someone should make that happen.”…
“Hi, I’m someone, it’s nice to meet you.”

It started at a young age, as I became aware of the issues in the world I wanted to fix them. I chose to get a degree in advertising at OCADU because I saw advertising’s potential to influence the masses and create positive change.

While at OCADU my friends were complaining there was no student paper – nowhere to honestly voice student opinions. So I gathered an awesome team of volunteers and we made one. ‘Slimy Motives’ ran 6 issues a year for 3 years before being picked by the student union and reinventing it into an official voice for the students with a paid staff. In my final year while writing my thesis I realized to change the advertising industry was too big a battle. So, when I was on vacation in Yellowknife and I was offered a job in an ad agency that fit my ideals I jumped at it.

I worked with the GNWT and small businesses promoting literacy, labour skills and cultural events. In late 2011 the agency director announced he wanted to expand and build a firm in Whitehorse and did someone want to take on that task. Hi, I’m someone and that’s a great idea.

Building the agency in Whitehorse solidified my desire to strike out on my own and build something. In 2014 I moved back to Ontario and enrolled in business school. Since then I’ve been a self-employed student.

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